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Welcome to our family website. 

Been a busy year for us so far.  Kim and I have been working around the house. 
The last room in the house, the bathroom in the entranceway, is now being remodeled. 
Hope to have that done in the next few weeks.
We are doing well.  Spending time on the motorcycle on weekends cruising the northern Michigan back roads.  My running has been slowed this year.  Had surgery in February for an achilles issue on my left foot.  Still trying to recover fully from it.

Had a family reunion in August and had the kids come home for it.  I've been doing alote of research into the family history.   We have communicated with many distant relatives.  One cousin, Cheryl Mauer from the Dayton Ohio area, was able to come up to visit at the reunion.
 It was a great time meeting her and sharing knowledge of the family tree. 

I know the picture of the grandbabies is a bit old, but I love it. 
This was taken in Atlanta on Friday the 28th of November 2008.
It will soon be outdated.
Both Nicole and Charlene are pregnant with their 3rd child.
Both are due next year.

Picture of the grandkids:   At the 12:00 position is Carter, 3:00 Brayden.  They are the sons of Nicole and Jeremy.   At the 6:00 position is Jeffrey II, 9:00 Kaitlyn. 
They are the son and daughter of Jeff and Charlene.




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